This tutorial series will explain how to setup a REST application using Speedment for the database connection framework. Aside from Speedment it will also explain the basics of Spring boot, Lombok and MapStruct to end up with a clean application. The aim is to show how to end up with an application with as little… Continue reading Speedment


Unit Testing

This tutorial series delves into Unit testing. The code examples and frameworks discussed are based on Java. The techniques however are useful for other programming languages as well. Unit Testing, Wy bother Unit Testing, JUnit Unit Testing, Mocking Unit Testing, Mockito


SOAP Webservices with Maven

This tutorial series delves into the technique of creating a SOAP webservice with the help of Maven. It consists of 5 parts: SOAP Webservices with Maven, Introduction SOAP webservices with Maven, Contract first SOAP webservices with Maven, Webservice SOAP webservices with Maven, Client creation SOAP webservices with Maven, WSDL generation